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Fun Games for learning and skills

Help the Sorcerer

An eye, hand co-ordination and colour recognition game.

Word Game

Find as many words out of a jumble of letters, bonus points for larger words found and added. Beat your best score with the timer.

Memory Card Game

Match the Easter picture cards to improve your memory and increase your high score.

Improve your Memory Game

Follow the colour cards and repeat the sequence.

Math Pop

Improves your counting skills, you are given a number - burst the number balloons to add up to that number. It gets harder and faster, so start adding numbers for fun.

Math Game

A fun Math game to improve your adding, subtraction and division skills.


Play our online jigsaw puzzle of Dunnottar Castle (near Aberdeen in Scotland) or use your own picture (ideally no larger than 1024px wide). Jigsaw puzzles are a fun way to keep your mind sharp and helps develop shape recognition skills.

We have added more pictures for our online jigsaw puzzles and you can find them on the link below.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Windows 10

I have like millions of other people upgraded my Windows 8.1 install to Microsofts latest operating system - Windows 10.

Norton Internet Security deleted

At the start of the upgrade process it did warn me that antimalware and antivirus software that was out of date would be disabled, no worries then as I always have kept my antivirus software up-to-date and the software is set to update automatically. So I was surprised when the Windows 10 upgrade not only disabled Norton it removed it completely from the desktop computer now running Windows 10.

While Microsoft does have its own version of antivrus and antimalware I have always used a paid version and for many years this has been Norton Internet Security, with its firewall, antivirus and antimalware system which I have been very happy with.

Anyway, after the seamless Windows 10 upgrade has taken place (except for removing my favourite Internet security software) I am now left with having to put back Norton Internet Secutity on my computer. Easy one would think! Not so.

First I tried to go to the Windows Control Panel to see if I could reinstall Norton from this point - no I could not.

Second I went to the Norton website and it displays that Norton is Windows 10 compatible - with a large Download Now button which I clicked only to be told that I had no Licences left on my 3 user account - did I want to purchase another licence!

Well no thank you, I have 3 devices using Norton and did not want to pay more money for another licence. So what was the solution to this little problem? Well it is listed below.

1. Log into your Norton account.

2. Go to devices

3. Select the Windows 10 machine involved.

4. Delete the device to free up a licence

5. Download the latest version of Norton and install it on the Windows 10 machine.

Done, except that every Internet Browser you open up will then try and get you to use Norton Safe Search using ASK - honestly do not let it do this, just use Google, Bing or Yahoo search (well that's my advice) or your own favourite search engine.

Windows 10 Upgrade has gone well on my desktop although it did take several hours to download due to being on a 3.3MB broadband connection. Even so it did download quickly considering the size of the upgrade and I am currently very happy with the new operating system. I never did like Windows 8 - would have happily stayed with Windows 7.

Having the Start menu back is good as is getting rid of the supid Windows 8.1 tiles on a desktop machine. Will I love Windows 10 - not sure, hopefully as I have always liked Microsoft's OS over Apple.